Less is more. Make a great impression by sticking to these 3 questions in your next job interview!

Written by nextpathcp

On January 17, 2020

There are a lot of possible questions to ask in an interview, but time is usually limited plus you don’t want to ask questions that could paint you in a poor light. Here are three we recommend:

  1. What are your primary goals/targets you want your team to accomplish near and long term?
  2. What do you see as your biggest challenges to hitting your team’s goals?
  3. Based on our conversation do you see any reason I wouldn’t be the right candidate for this position?

Every hiring manager has a problem they are trying to solve. That is why they need to hire someone. That problem could be workload and they need an extra set of hands. It could be a lack of expertise in a certain skill to perform a task. Whatever specific issue they will decide to hire or not hire based on IF they see you as a solution. 

The first two questions help you learn what they are trying to accomplish and target your explanations around how you can help the company, manager, team, etc reach that goal. If the hiring manager sees you can add the most value of all candidates in play they will choose you, resulting in an offer. 

The last question helps you the most. It gives you some immediate feedback as a candidate for the role but also a chance to provide targeted information about areas of concern before they make permanent decisions about your candidacy.  This should be asked near the end of the interview when you are closing for the next steps and expressing your interest in the job.

Try these next time you interview and they should improve your chances of landing that next career move you want!


  • Ask important questions related to the positions and goals of the company.
  • Address potential concerns by asking if there is any reason you would not be a fit.

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