Should you send a thank you note after an interview?

Written by nextpathcp

On January 7, 2020

Written by Gina Curry, Vice President

The short answer. Yes. 100% Yes. Every time.

One of the biggest complaints we hear from hiring managers is when candidates don’t follow up after an interview with a thank you note. Sending a thank you note might be the most important step in the interview process as many hiring managers feel it’s a way to gauge the candidates follow up skills as well as their overall interest in the position. You’d be surprised at how many times a client is interested in a candidate but never offers the role because they didn’t think the candidate was interested. The thank you note gives the candidate the stage to tackle any objections they encountered in the interview process as well as showcase how much they enjoyed the interview process and express their excitement for the opportunity.

Here are a few tips when writing your thank you note.

Send your email within 24 hours of the interview.

This piece is critical as a follow up email loses its punch the longer time passes. Ensure you send it as soon as you have the time to craft a well thought out email and shows that you’ve reflected on the interview.

Ensure the recipients and company name is spelled correctly.

It’s one of the most common mistakes, especially spelling the company name wrong and it can be a major turn off to a potential employer. Take the time to ensure everything is accurate before pressing send.

Keep the email short and concise.

A hiring manager isn’t going to read multiple paragraphs. Keep it manageable and easily readable.

Send a thank you for every round of interviews.

It’s an important step to follow up each round with the individuals that you spoke with, even if you’ve met with them prior and already sent them a thank you note. This will continue to show the company your interest level in the role.

Address any potential concerns about your candidacy

This is your chance to address any concerns they may have brought up to you during the interview.


  • Send a thank you note no later than 24 hours after interview.
  • Double check spelling.
  • Keep the thank you note short.
  • Send a thank you note after EVERY interview to EVERYONE who interviewed you.
  • Address potential concerns.
  • Stand out from the other candidates by sending a thank you note!

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