Why businesses are choosing to work with recruitment agencies even when unemployment rates are high

Written by nextpathcp

On June 29, 2020

Written by Ashley Jarocki, Vice President

Why would you want to work with an agency when the unemployment rate is high? There are plenty of people to pick from and hire, right?  

Well, yes if you want to go through, read, analyze, speak to, and try to find 1 quality candidate out of the 48 million people unemployed.

Prior to January 2020,  we had an unemployment rate of 3.5% of 328.2 million Americans, which equates to just over 11 million unemployed.  May of 2020 we are looking at 14.7%  unemployment rate which equates to over 48 million unemployed (as found by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor www.bls.gov),  and that’s not including all the people not happy in their current jobs and looking.

So, what are some ways an agency can help you?

  1. Place the legal issues of hiring on a third party.  Working with an agency can take the chance of legality off your plate. Let us properly store, educate, and coach you on dispositioning candidates.  You have so much to worry about, it shouldn’t be why you did or didn’t hire someone.
  2. We have relationships with candidates. We are already connected to candidates with the skill and culture fit needed!  Not only do we know important factual information in addition to their resumes, but we also know these candidates’ passions and where they want to go in their careers. This allows us to properly match them to the best employer.     
  3. We have the technology in place.  Housing thousands and millions of resumes without proper technology can be space consuming, and just plain difficult. Remember that time you wanted to find that one person you spoke to 6 months ago that you are now ready to hire but just can’t seem to remember how to search and find them?   We have invested in interfacing technologies and great training to be able to find any candidate presented to you and interviewed by you at any time. Partnering with an agency is like having your own personal hiring assistant that can easily find that gem for you quickly and efficiently.
  4. We do the work for you!  All that time you are taking to post, sift through resumes looking for keywords, then having to call just to get an initial feel for the skills is extremely time-consuming.  Let us put together all the facts for you in addition to their resume and highlight the top 3-5 candidates for your role.   

There are so many other great benefits of working with an agency. Click the link to send us a message to see other ways NextPath can assist you: https://nextpathcp.com/hire/

Let us help you find great talent so you can grow your business!

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