Top Benefits of Using a Recruiter

Written by nextpathcp

On March 21, 2019

Written by Ashley Jarocki, Vice President

If you don’t have a recruiter to help market your skills and navigate through all the red tape of formally applying to a job, then I’m willing to bet you’re not in the best job for your skills. The first step is finding a recruiter who specializes in your industry who have those specific roles open frequently. Top-notch recruiters will do the following:

Recruiters work for you

That’s right, you are the client and they will get you the best role for your skills at that time in your market. Not to mention the best salary! Recruiters are positively incentivized to get you the best salary or hourly rate possible.  You can rest assured there is a level of trust between you and your recruiter when they tell you the salary you can expect to receive for any role.

Recruiters consider all the options

When you work with a recruiter, you’re not just considered for one company. A great recruiter will look at other companies within the industry who have a similar opening.  It makes sense to consider many options at once.  

Recruiters give you feedback

Ever submit your resume to a bunch of random companies and NEVER get any response?  Recruiters will not only submit your resume for you but will give you feedback as companies move through the interview process. It’s like your own personal concierge! 

They have the relationships with those companies you desire

Say you finally receive an interview request, but don’t know what information they will be looking for in the interview.  Your recruiter will be able to properly prepare you for the interview with specific details on that company!

A great recruiter will keep you in mind for opportunities in the future 

A good recruiter will place you in a role you love. A great recruiter will keep you in mind the next time you are ready for a change because this might not be your forever job, and that’s ok!  Gaining experience, knowledge and feeling ready to move on to something more is human.  We are here to help you navigate through your career!

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