What is job-hopping and how do you avoid it?

Written by nextpathcp

On January 17, 2020

Written by Ashley Jarocki, Vice President

The definition of job-hopping is slightly different for each hiring leader.  Nowadays, staying at a job for 2 plus years is acceptable, good even.  However, with 4 -5 possible generations in one workplace at the same time, some hiring managers feel 5 plus years is ideal.   If you find yourself leaving companies quickly and frequently, you might need to take time to figure out your passion and what will make you happy every day.

How many companies have you worked for in the past, maybe up to 10 years? 

Here are some helpful tips to avoid job-hopping:

Don’t leave your current company without another opportunity. Sounds obvious, however, this might help you hold on for a little while longer and not show gaps in your employment.

If you find yourself wanting to leave after a short stint, don’t act! Stop and ask yourself, why you are unhappy with the current situation.  This way you can share this with a recruiter so they can help you find a best-fit job.

Talk to as many people as you can about their profession.  Find out how many millions of different types of jobs are out there.

Find out what type of culture you need to have at the next company.  Do you want to be a strategic member of the team? Or heads down and get your work done?  It’s important to know the culture you would like to be a part of and to prevent further job-hopping.  


  • Make sure you have another opportunity lined up before you leave your current company.
  • Ask yourself why you are unhappy and what will make you happy in a new position.
  • Ask for help from a mentor and research different jobs.

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