Acceptable reasons for leaving a previous job.

Written by nextpathcp

On January 20, 2020

Written by Ashley Jarocki, Vice President

Are you interviewing and unsure of what to say regarding the real reasons why you left your previous employers?  Hiring managers ask this question to get a better understanding of how you are as an employee. You want to make sure to are able to articulate the truth to the hiring manager and recruiter on the reasons why you left. Most of the time, if you can speak professionally to the reasons why you left previous roles chances are you can overcome this obstacle. 

What are your reasons for leaving each employment?  Remember, the company you are interviewing with is going to ask themselves, will this candidate do the same to us?  

A few acceptable reasons for leaving employment: 

Family Issues – If it’s for elderly parents, or starting your new family, this is understandable to most if not all employers. Most employers appreciate transparency. 

The company was acquired or the company went out of business – The lack of security one feels in a job is universally understood.

Better opportunity or growth – There are times when there is no upward mobility within a company and the only place to find that growth is outside of your current employer.  

Make sure to prepare for any follow-up questions to your answers. Remember that leaving a job is common, so don’t be nervous about answering.

Good luck interviewing!


  • Be clear and transparent of why you left.
  • Make sure you prepare for any follow up questions.

If you have further questions please reach out at!

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